Vice President & Co-Founder

Russ Palser

Russ Palser began his career in the swimming pool business in the summer 1976. He smiles as he describes his first job in the pool industry. “I was a swimming pool and spa excavator, digging by hand. That’s right, jackhammer – pick and shovel. With no access available for even a mini bobcat tractor. Manual labor was the only option.”

Russ has been the hands on type throughout his entire career. Recognizing that swinging a pick and shovel was not his life’s dream, he quickly moved out of excavation and joined the tile and coping crews, where he acquired the necessary skill and knowledge to obtain his own contractor license and open his own tile and coping business.

For almost 20 years his crews were some of the most sought after T&C crews in the county. In 2006, Russ decided to take up an offer from one of the pool contractors he’d been working with for years and join him in designing, selling and building new swimming pools. He has been designing and building his own pools and spas ever since.

With his extensive background installing the finishing touches and veneers on hundreds of swimming pools, Russ found himself to be a natural pool designer. His designs are stunning. His ability to design a swimming pool, and the accompanying landscaping, that accurately reflects the vision held in his client’s minds is shared by few others in the industry.

After an initial meeting with his clients, Russ returns with a three-dimensional plan of the pool and backyard that provides a “virtual reality” look at the structures depicted.

In addition to all of this, Russ personally manages all of his jobs from the start of construction to the finished product and start up. Russ’s comprehensive knowledge of the construction process and his easy going demeanor leave his clients with a beautiful swimming pool and a great experience.

Builds We Offer

Formal Pools & Spas

Formal pools and spas are characterized by clean, geometric lines and edges. They tend to be formed in square and rectangular shapes. 

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Freeform Pools & Spas

The curvature of freeform pools is designed to complement the shape and size of your backyard space. We can even embed your spa in your overall pool layout and additional entertainment features like water slides, stools, and shade. 

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Specialty Pools & Spas

If you envision a pool that is accessible, fun, and simulates the beach, we can provide the specialty features you want and need to make owning a pool a truly memorable experience. 

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