Outdoor Living

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Outdoor Living

Majestic Pools & Spas provides a wide range of outdoor options to complement your pool. Everything from an outdoor cooking area with a built-in barbecue and bar to a cozy fire pit surrounded by plush lounge chairs and beautiful landscaping. Our specialists can help you create a customized design that meets all of your entertainment, athletic, and gardening needs. For more examples of recent builds or inspiration for your next pool project, view our galleries below.

Barbecues and Fires Pits

A great addition to any backyard oasis is the fire pit. We offer a variety of types to suit your needs, including gas and wood. You can even customize the filler material for your fire pit to complement your lounge furniture or the color of your pool tile. If you love the ambiance of firelight, consider checking out our Fire Features page for more example of sconces, bowls, and fire elements to make your pool pop!


Lounge Areas and Outdoor Seating

What better way to enjoy the sunny San Diego weather and warm summer nights than to lounge by the pool or pull up a comfy seat to spend quality time with family and friends by the firelight? Our team of qualified professionals can assist you in designing a layout to enhance your pool or spa build and make the most efficient use of your fun, new outdoor space.


Artistic & Playful Elements

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference. We specialize in adding decorative tiles, unique design elements, and those extra outdoor features designed to wow and entertain. We can even help you build a mini-golf green or baseball batting cage to your backyard! If you really like water slides, beachfront entry, or want to feel like your diving into colorful, majestic waters, also check out our Water Features page for more inspiration.